Exterior Wall


Properly sealed, moisture-protected, and insulated walls help increase comfort, reduce noise, and save on energy costs. However, walls are the most complex component of the building envelope to insulate, air seal, and control moisture. wandaufbau-3 bigThe keys to an effective wall are:

• Airtight construction—all air leaks sealed in the wall during construction and prior to insulation installation.

• Moisture control—exterior rain drainage system, continuous air barrier, and vapor barrier located on the PREVENT RAIN PENETRATION Causes of rain leaks through exterior walls include improper installation of siding materials; poor-quality flashing, weatherstripping, or caulking around joints in the building exterior (such as windows, doors, and bottom plates); and wind-driven rain that penetrates the exterior finish. To enhance protection against rain penetration, create a drainage plane within the wall system of the home.

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