Benefits of Modular Products.


One of the greatest benefits is the ability to dramatically reduce the time needed for construction. We can upscale our production to meet your requirements.


Fewer tools for assembly and substantially less waste. Material use is more carefully monitored and there are more opportunities for recycling throughout the process.


More control over processes and systems ensures a higher quality build. Better control over time and project management. No contracting with multiple crews as the factory has all of the key players onsite to handle multiple building requirements.


Our modular solutions are cost-effective in comparison with traditional methods of construction, whilst also competitive with alternative modular manufacturers.


Less exposure to skills shortages in the construction sector; the processes will be repetitive and well designed and the necessary skills can quickly be learned.


COVERED FACILITIES Factory efficiencies allow building components to be completed quickly and without weather delays.


Windowrama is dedicated to crafting highly effective buildings with inspections at each stage, eliminating on the fly decisions or unexpected complications that can occur on site.


Units are highly adaptable and customisable to suit the site and brief. External cladding options address any environmental, topographical or planning sensitivities.


Modular units are built to meet all Cyprus government Building Regulations.

Make your dream-house a reality, fully equipped, with no delays and with high energy-efficient and high quality materials. Windowrama offers you the fulfilment of an individually designed construction project which is constantly supervised throughout by specialized and dedicated professionals.