State-Of-The-Art Machinery & Premises.

Based in the Mesogi Industrial Area of Pafos in modern premises, our offices and factory space are fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery enabling the company to provide products and services all over Cyprus.

We import only the highest quality materials from countries such as USA, Canada and Italy among others in order to offer the best result possible.

We can install a prefabricated building almost anywhere you can construct a site-built home: from a flat lot, to a sloping hillside, if a foundation can be engineered, then we can do it. Every build offers a variety of finishes, fixtures, appliances, and other options for you to choose from, researched and selected by us for durability and energy efficiency. You’ll simply choose the options that match your style and budget. We’ll manage engineering and permitting for your building, which are governed by state authorities.

The prefab buildings are manufactured in our indoor facilities by our highly-skilled, full-time craftsmen, following precisely engineered plans. Our rigorous quality control program ensures superior craftsmanship, and our uncompromising environmental health and sustainability standards minimize toxins and waste.

Construction in our factory happens simultaneously with your site work, shaving months off your project timeline. Most required inspections are completed in our factory, so we’re able to deliver the modules fully approved, with the walls sealed and finishes installed.

Once your building is assembled, we will connect the water, sewer, electric, and appliances, and apply the finishing touches on site.

Make your dream-house a reality, fully equipped, with no delays and with high energy-efficient and high quality materials. Windowrama offers you the fulfilment of an individually designed construction project which is constantly supervised throughout by specialized and dedicated professionals.