At WindowRama we specialize in the construction of:

At Windowrama we can create the home of your dreams without compromising quality. A house design based on modern architectural trends, with comfortable and functional spaces, even in just a few square meters. A modern house for you and your family to live in or even a holiday home.

The choice and quality of materials is up to you. Prefabricated houses allow us to build them exactly as we wish. Top quality in short delivery time and much smaller budget than that of a conventional house.

Our company specializes in the construction and configuration of any kind of stationary or mobile restaurant, bar or canteen. Our advanced technological equipment and our technically qualified staff guarantees the quality of construction and the ability to meet every need and requirement.

Prefab warehouses are among the most affordable buildings to erect. Because all of the building materials are prefabricated, there’s no delay at the building site. Each part of the frame fits together perfectly, as do the panels forming the walls and ceiling. This means that it costs less in labor to put up the building, and there’s no excess building material that has to be carted away to a landfill.

In addition to the construction and installation of prefabricated buildings and gutters, Windowrama works with a network of specialized partners and is able to carry out all the necessary studies and secure the necessary permits. Our network consists of architects, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers and other professionals of our field. Windowrama is your one stop shop for all your needs regarding building a prefab home or work space.

Make your dream-house a reality, fully equipped, with no delays and with high energy-efficient and high quality materials. Windowrama offers you the fulfilment of an individually designed construction project which is constantly supervised throughout by specialized and dedicated professionals.